AZ Tractor trailer course

Individuals that are selected through a detailed screening process will complete the AZ Tractor Trailer Course at Ontario Truck Training Academy.


Ontario Truck Training Academy has been a leader in commercial driver training for over 20 years. Ontario Truck Training Academy has  expanded to five campuses throughout Eastern Ontario; Oshawa, Mississauga, Peterborough, Kingston, and Belleville. We have a fleet that consists of 20 vehicles and 20 trailers. We also have a classroom at each location that can hold between 15-20 individuals. Our Oshawa and Mississauga Campuses offer a blended learning method using our high quality Truck Training Trans Sim and Trans Sim III Simulators. This training method allows our instructors to put our students into controlled real life situations that will help prepare our students and improve their decision making capabilities to avoid on road collisions. Each of our 15 instructors are highly qualified, experienced drivers that provide a wide variety of training techniques to prepare our students for the transportation industry. 


  • 200 hours of training

    • 2 weeks of in class training

    • 90 hours of in truck training

  • standard transmission training

  • shifting simulators

This course will provide participants with the necessary training to successfully obtain a Class AZ License. Participants must successfully pass the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario Road Test with a Drive Test Examiner.

Upon graduating from the AZ Tractor Trailer Course at Ontario Truck Training Academy participants will be set up with various transportation companies to begin a 4-week mentor ship program that will allow them to start their new career in the transportation industry.

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